As a child, I remember elderly Black women saying," That girl/boy got potencha...(potential)”. Their heads would nod between a knowing smile. They could look at young people and see that there was a spectacular energy inside of that person, which would surely reveal itself in time, and on occasion. In physics, potential energy is stored energy. It is a force that can be tapped, and shared. Perhaps the attack on people of color is a manifestation of the fear of that potential. It is a fear that is as old as America itself.

In the light of the current political realities, we who believe in freedom can access our “potencha“: our talents, gifts, knowledge, skills, know-how, discipline, tenacity, and will…POTENCHA"! We can pull from this vital, using it for energy unifying, healing, giving, sharing our very best to guide and protect ourselves/each other through these most challenging times. We can organize ourselves with the discipline of Harriet Tubman and all those working the underground rail road, as clandestine as the thousands of ancestors, who lived in the Great Dismal Swamps of Virginia/Carolina, with the strategic intelligence of those many lawyers who worked on the Brown vs. the Board of Education case, and with the precision of the Deacons of Defense.