This timeline is a listing of the series and bodies of work created by
“Aziza” Claudia Gibson-Hunter in chronological order since 2002.

Painting, handmade paper, commercial paper, colored pencil
This year I am meditating on the myth of Black folks flying away from the terrors of slavery. Facing COVID, still, and the continued violence of the police against my people I, like my ancestors, am considering the need to fly to somewhere lnew/different and build something new.

PROJECT 2020 (2020-2021)
Mixed media
9 Black women come together to each produce a book during the year 2020. The books ae cycled so each woman has the opportunity to. make a contribution to each book

E'TUDE (2020-2021)
Painting , Collage
Acrylic paint, colored pencil, Paper on cradled wooden board
Over one hundred pieces in E'tude series. Each piece is an element for an installation titled: Gri Gris For the First Wave of the Third Millennium

Painting, Collage, acrylic paint, colored pencil

POTENCHA (2017-2018)
Collage, Painting, acrylic paint, colored pencil,

Playing to WIN (2016-2018)
Collage, Silkscreen, Linoleum printing, Gum Arabic transfers, Painting, acrylic paint, colored pencil, graphite, vellum, vinyl paint

Occupational Hazards,(2014-2015)
Collage, Assemblage, gum Arabic transfer, acrylic paint, graphite, charcoal, found and purchased items

The Women @Jasper’s Table, (2015)
Collage, Painting, acrylics, colored pencil, on paper
Created while at the Vermont Studio Center Residency

Locks and Keys (2014)
Collage, cyanotype paper, acrylic paint, on paper

FRENCH DOORS (2013-2014)
Collage, Photography, Digital printing,
archival ink, acrylic paint, colored pencil, on paper

SWIM (2013)
Painting, Collage, Assemblage,
acrylic paint, charcoal, on paper

After Unity (2013)
Collage, painting, Hand made paper, acrylic paint

A Summer With Mr. G. (2010)
Painting, acrylic paint, charcoal on paper

A Conversation With Mr. Chuta Kimura (2010-2013)
Silk screen, Linoleum, Hand made paper, acrylic paint,
Series created while Pyramid Fellow

Printing on the World/ Afro Wii (2010)
Gum Arabic lithography, linoleum, silk screen printing,
acrylic paint, oil based ink, on paper

Prayers for Haiti (2010)
Collage, Assemblage, Gum Arabic Lithography,
oil based ink, graphite, found and purchased objects
on African Kuba cloth

Dinqnesh (2009)
Collaboration Julee Dickerson-Thompson/Francine Haskins-
Painting, acrylic paint, colored pencil, charcoal on canvas

Conjugating Black (2009)
Painting, acrylic paint, colored pencil, charcoal on clay board

Morning Rituals (2008-2009)
Varied mixed media, varied matrix,

Suspicious Activities (2007-2009)
Painting, Assemblage, Collage
acrylic paint, colored pencil, charcoal, found and purchased objects on board, canvas, paper,

Nia and The Box (2005)
Painting, Assemblage, Collage, Linoleum printing, Gel medium transfers,
acrylic paint, colored pencil, watercolor, charcoal, found and purchased
objects on paper

Life Support (2004)
Painting, Collage, acrylic paint, colored pencil on paper

My Father’s House (2004)
Silkscreen/, collage on paper

Gemstones and Lace (2002)
Painting, linoleum printing, acrylic paint, colored pencil on canvas