Playing to Win 2016-2017




The question of how one wins and why can be essential to understanding an individual as well as the collective character of a country. The answers begin to reveal themselves not only in elections (if they are held at all), but sports, lotteries, video games, children’s playground activities, and the simple board game. Questions concerning morality, identity, patriotism, class, race and ethnicity can enter this inquiry.

The issue of memory is also a factor in this body of work as the family board game and group sports are being replaced by increasingly technically sophisticated video games. Using motifs from classic board games, lotto tickets, playing cards, and more, this series explores some of the many layers of interpretation discovered in the phrase “playing to win”.

Painting, silkscreen printing, gum Arabic transfer, linoleum printing, drawing, and stamping are some of the processes utilized in these mixed media works.